ADF method for calling DB procedures, executing other SQL statements with input and output parameters

How to call DB procedure with input and output parameters. Here I provide an example of ADF method which can be used with any number of in/pout parameters used in any order:     public void runStatement(String stt, boolean commit, ArrayList<Map<String, Object>> pars) {                CallableStatement st = this.getDBTransaction().createCallableStatement((stt), 0);        try { …

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How to create XMLIndex? When its worth to use it?

How to create XML index? Very general way with all default applied as follows: create index index_name on table_name (xmltype_column) indextype is xdb.xmlindex; Check the name of PATH table select path_table_name from user_xml_indexes  where table_name = ‘table_name’ and index_name = ‘index_name’;  Check what secondary indexes are used select c.index_name, c.column_name, c.column_position, e.column_expression   from user_ind_columns c left outer join user_ind_expressions…

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