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How to add ADF source code in JDeveloper 12c ?


I want to have ADF source code available in my project.


  • Open service request ticket at My Oracle Support and ask to provide you a source code for ADF. Oracle staff will provide you a security code and a link to download a zip file.
  • ¬†Open JDeveloper, select Tools -> Manage Libraries…¬†
    • Click Libraries tab
    • Select folder User
    • Click New
    • Select Source Path on the right pane then click Add Entry…
    • Point to zip file received from Oracle
  • Add defined library to particular project
    • Right click on project folder and select Properties
    • Select Libraries and Classpath on the left pane
    • Click Add Library on the right pane
    • Point to previously defined ADF source code library which should be available in User folder
  • You should be able to access ADF source classes now!
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