ADF, Continuous Query Notification, JDeveloper

Override inputListOfValues component model and Continuous Query Notification sample in ADF

Requirement: Standard ADF inputListOfValues component should behave like this: When pressed “Search”, action should stop and wait untill any change happen in DB table being searched When change happen in DB table, search should resume among updated data. If no change happen it should resume after 10 seconds timeout In addition – search input field validation should happen on “Search”…

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Continuous Query Notification, WebSocket

WebSocket together with DB Change Notification in ADF for immediate data refresh in browser (complete sample).

Requirement We have DB table contents displayed in ADF GUI After changes in that DB table (by anyone else in the background) we want to immediately display in our currenlty open browser session Solution To achieve our goal we need somehow to know when changes in DB happen. Once we know when, need to notify browser session in order it…

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Continuous Query Notification

How to select all JDBC Database Change Notification Registrations and clean them?

Question: How do I select all database change notifications registered via JDBC driver by my DB user? Answer: select * from user_change_notification_regs Question: How do I clean all of my DB change notifications? Answer: Database change notifications registered via JDBC driver can be deregistered only the same way – using JDBC driver. Therefore you need to execute this code: This…

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