ADF Desktop Integration (ADFdi)

How to evaluate excel formula in cell of ADF Desktop Integration table component?

Problem I was trying to evaluate excel formula in cell of ADFdi  table component. My try was unsuccessfull, got formula rendered as a literal string in the cell. Solution Apparently when ADFdi plugin evaluates value expression of particular column, it needs to know what kind of output you expect in the cell. Is it a literal value, o some instructions…

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ADF, ADF Exceptions

ADF How to access bind variable from view object row?

Problem I just faced a requirement to pass bind variable value to one of view object attributes LOV. It looks straight forward while we can provide view criteria and bind variable values to LOV’s view object via view accessor: I thought that it should be no problem just to write a groovy expression into parameters value field: adf.object.viewObject.myBindVariable But  I’ve…

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