ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam. Personal experience.

It happened that I’ve passed ServiceNow CSA exam recently. There were 60 questions and 90 minutes. That was completely enough time, because some questions were really short with just True/False answers and took just few seconds to answer. Some were really long with as long answers. Those could take even more than a minute. But long question with long answers doesn’t mean that you need to spend much time on it. I’ve realised that in most cases it is easy to reject incorrect answers even without reading it all. Because already the very beginning of an answer turns it to false because of some illogical or just false statement.

I didn’t take an expensive preparation course provided by ServiceNow. The main material was – video course The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course (2016) by Mark Miller from Udemy. It is already two years old and some functionality differ from current version (Kingston) of ServiceNow, but essentials stay there. Also official documentation from ServiceNow is quite clear and informative. Those small video tutorial includes in documentation are really cool and helps to acquire information easier.

There are 5 learning domains introduced by ServiceNow in CSA exam specification:

  • User Interface and Navigation
  • Users and Tasks
  • Data Administration
  • Service Automation
  • Introduction to Scripting and Development

From my impression there were most of attention to Service Automation, although according to specification, it should take up to 20% of all questions. That means understanding of how Service Catalog works, Workflow, SLA and some of Knowledge base. Most of questions really make sense, except some which expect you to remember what links contain particular page (i.e. Service Catalog homepage). To my mind it doesn’t make sense as it is not an essential information and may easily vary from version to version.

As I took online proctored exam – it was my first experience. All wen very smooth, I even did not have any contact with my proctor, event not sure I was proctored at all 🙂

If you have some experience in software development and pretty much strong logical, analytical thinking, would encourage you not to procrastinate an exam because you have no feeling of100% readiness. Actually you’ll never do 🙂 But with qualities I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make it. Some of questions can really be answered just with help of your general experience and logical thinking.

Goog Luck!




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