ADF, SOA and BPM, Weblogic

How to configure local integrated WebLogic non-SOA domain to access BPM worklist on separate SOA-enabled domain?

ADF and BPM task flow on separate domains? No doubt this is frequent issue for developers working with ADF/BPM.There are several advantages to have it working: No need to install SOA stuff locally if You’re developing just ADF Faster deployments to integrated WebLogic Possibility of debugging Isolated ADF enviroment for developing In my case the last one was most important.…

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Submit of ADF selectManyShuttle pre-selected values without pre-selection change

Our requirement is to implement af:selectManyShuttle with preselected values. New records in database table must be created according to selected values. If user change something in the selection, everything works fine. But if user agrees with default selection and does not want to do any changes and just submits a form, we have a problem – nothing is submitted. af:selectManyShuttle…

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Logging, Weblogic

How to filter OSB logging and redirect log records to any desirable destination?

The best practice to accomplish this task is to use¬†Weblogic server startup class. In this class we should take Weblogic server “Logger” object and use it to attach additional appender. This appender can be implemented to redirect log messages to any destination You prefer. Log4j supports dozen of standard destinations, providing built in appenders like JDBCAppender, JMSAppender, FileAppender and many…

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