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ADFDI-05538: The workbook integration has been altered after publishing. What can be the reason?

Here is full error message:

ADFDI-05538: The workbook integration has been altered after publishing. It can no longer be used safely. The integration will now terminate.

What is the reason?

Most probably, you did publish excel with different file name and trying to open previously published (old file name) version. This even can be a legal case, for example if you’re using one source excel file and two published, lets say one editable and another readonly copy. You did a change which is relevant i.e. only for editable version, published it, and then still trying to open readonly one. And get this error message.

Whats happening and what is a solution?

ADFDI plugin maintains a meta file, which is called adfdi-client-registry.xml. There are hash code and workbook id pairs saved for each published excel file:

<client type="Excel">

Before trying to open published excel, ADFDI plugin checks whether its registered in adfdi-client-registry.xml. If it does not find correct workbook id – file hash code value, shows error we’re talking about here. So we need another record in this metadata file , to have both pulished excel hashes and workbook ids in place. If you’re publishing another copy, must change workbook id. If not, it just overwrites hash code and remains aware only about just one published file. Here is where to change workbook id:


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