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How to deploy ADF application with different name using JDeveloper?

Sometimes there might be a case, when development team shares one WebLogic server instance and each developer needs to deploy and test the same application at the same time. Or whatever the reason it is, there are some simple steps needed to be accomplished in JDeveloper to have another instance of the same application just with different context root. Assuming that you already have application deployed on server. Lets say you have it with standard generated name like this one:


Steps to deploy it with different name and context root:

  • Open view controller project properties

  • Go to Deployment in properties tree, create new profile, enter new name for your web module:

  • Inside of deployment profile properties, specify new context root name:

  • Open application properties (Menu -> Application -> Application Properties), select Deployment, click on New Profile, enter name for your new deployment profile

  • In deployment profile properties, select Application Assembly, check module of model project and recently created module with new name for view controller project

  • Finally test you new deployment profile, which will make your application available with different name and context root

  • Your application now should be accessible via new url:


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