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How to adjust WebLogic logging engine to deliver records of desired severity?

In this post I’m going to show how to adjust WebLogic logging levels using Enterprise Manager (EM). I will take as an example tiny demo application for logger demo, which I’ve introduced in my another post – How to add custom logging into ADF application?

So this can be done in domain server context. Here is how to reach it:

  • Click on Target Navigation (tree icon in top left corner)
  • Expand Weblogic Domain node. Choose particular domain and server where you did deploy application
  • Rightclick on server icon (exactly on icon, not name) next to server name
  • In the menu opened choose Logs -> Log configuration

  • In the class tree locate java class which generates log records and needs to be adjusted. In our case it is view.LogMeBean

Note: you may not find a class looking for, if deployed application was never run. Just try to run it at least once and class should appear in the tree.

  • Just change severity and click apply. Run application once again and look for new log records.

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