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Location of log records in WebLogic Enterprise Manager (EM)?

In my opinion Enterprise Manager delivers the most convenient way to check log records. It has search and filtering capabilities. It works reliably and provides nice structured information. So where to find them? Lets use tiny sample application which I’ve introduced in my previous post – How to add custom logging into ADF application?. After deploying it to WebLogic server, please go to Enterprise Manager (EM) and:

  • Click on Target Navigation (tree icon in top left corner)
  • Expand Application Deployments node
  • Find your application (in our case its LoggerDemo)
  • Rightclick on application icon (exactly on icon, not name)
  • In the menu opened, choose Logs -> View Log Messages

  • By default you’ll see most recent (last 10 minutes) severe error messages

You may also be interested in How to adjust WebLogic logging engine to deliver records of desired severity?


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