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How to update a record in table component of ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) Excel workbook ?

Update – the easiest of CRUD operations to configure in ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) table component. Here is what needs to be assured to have it working:

  1. Commit action binding available in page definition file.
  2. Upload ribbon command is set up in excel worksheet. It must have at least to actions – upload and commit.
  3. Updating of row enabled in table component properties

In this post I’m going to extend previously created demo application – How to pass a parameter to ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) excel workbook?.

Lets shortly elaborate each of points mentioned above:

  1. In page definition for excel workbook of demo application there is only Commit action binding missing. Add it:

2. In demo application there is autogenerated (on add of table component) ribbon command for upload data. But there is still missing commit in action set. Add it by modifying Worksheet Properties:

3. Open properties of table component and under RowActions verify whether UpdateRowEnabled is True:

4. All is set now, can go for testing. Note, that before running test, application needs to be redeployed (because new commit action binding needs to be accessible for ADFDI plugin).

  • Run excel workbook, change some data, i.e. salary of employee
  • Triangle icon appears in Changed service column. Which indicates that there are pending changes in particular row which are ready to be processed on upload command.
  • Click Upload ribbon command and check for Row updated successfully message in status column

Demo application can be downloaded here.

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For more information, you can check Oracle documentation – Working with ADF Desktop Integration Table-Type Components.

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