Logging, Weblogic

Location of log records in WebLogic Enterprise Manager (EM)?

In my opinion Enterprise Manager delivers the most convenient way to check log records. It has search and filtering capabilities. It works reliably and provides nice structured information. So where to find them? Lets use tiny sample application which I’ve introduced in my previous post – How to add custom logging into ADF application?. After deploying it to WebLogic server, please…

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ADF, Logging

How to add custom logging into ADF application?

Can’t imagine development without logging. Even in ADF 🙂 For some quick output into local WebLogic console – System.out.println is quite ok. But if we need to have it in more professional and persistent way – java logging tools come to action. In ADF we have ADFLogger class at our service. Naturally it is extended java.util.logging.Logger indeed. So here is…

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Database, SQL and PL/SQL

Is extremely big or low date, indicating infinity safe in SQL?

This is a question I’ll try to answer here. Quite frequently it happens to face SQL code, where extremum dates take place. From a first glance it look OK to use like to_date(‘3000.01.01′,’YYYY.MM.DD’)) for indicating infinity, something that lasts forever. Nobody could bet that no one of our developed nice IT system will even exist at such time point 🙂…

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ADF Desktop Integration (ADFdi), ADF Exceptions

ADFDI-05538: The workbook integration has been altered after publishing. What can be the reason?

Here is full error message: ADFDI-05538: The workbook integration has been altered after publishing. It can no longer be used safely. The integration will now terminate. What is the reason? Most probably, you did publish excel with different file name and trying to open previously published (old file name) version. This even can be a legal case, for example if…

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ADF, JDeveloper

How to deploy ADF application with different name using JDeveloper?

Sometimes there might be a case, when development team shares one WebLogic server instance and each developer needs to deploy and test the same application at the same time. Or whatever the reason it is, there are some simple steps needed to be accomplished in JDeveloper to have another instance of the same application just with different context root. Assuming…

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How to execute bean method when switching tab in ADF?

Quite common requirement is  to execute some logic when navigating between tabs in ADF application. Luckily in ADF there is a straight forward feature enabling you to do this easily. Its enough just to add disclosureListener to showDetailItem of panelTabbed component and point it to dedicated bean method. Like this: Listener method signature must contain DisclosureEvent parameter: Tiny sample application can be…

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ADF Desktop Integration (ADFdi)

How to evaluate excel formula in cell of ADF Desktop Integration table component?

Problem I was trying to evaluate excel formula in cell of ADFdi  table component. My try was unsuccessfull, got formula rendered as a literal string in the cell. Solution Apparently when ADFdi plugin evaluates value expression of particular column, it needs to know what kind of output you expect in the cell. Is it a literal value, o some instructions…

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ADF, ADF Exceptions

ADF How to access bind variable from view object row?

Problem I just faced a requirement to pass bind variable value to one of view object attributes LOV. It looks straight forward while we can provide view criteria and bind variable values to LOV’s view object via view accessor: I thought that it should be no problem just to write a groovy expression into parameters value field: adf.object.viewObject.myBindVariable But  I’ve…

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