How to execute bean method when switching tab in ADF?

Quite common requirement is  to execute some logic when navigating between tabs in ADF application. Luckily in ADF there is a straight forward feature enabling you to do this easily. Its enough just to add disclosureListener to showDetailItem of panelTabbed component and point it to dedicated bean method. Like this:

<af:panelTabbed position="above" id="pt1">
<af:showDetailItem id="tab1" text="Tab Label 1"/>
<af:showDetailItem id="tab2" text="Tab Label 2" disclosureListener="#{MyBean.onTabDisclose}"/>

Listener method signature must contain DisclosureEvent parameter:

public void onTabDisclose(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {
System.out.println("You've just disclosed a TAB!");

Tiny sample application can be downloaded here.


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2 thoughts on “How to execute bean method when switching tab in ADF?

  1. Hi Danas,

    Can we associate two methods to the same and single DisclosureListener??

    1. Hi Latheef,

      sorry for such a long gap in response, just didn’t notice your comment notification on time. Anyway, if I understand the question correctly – we can’t associate two methods directly. But there should be no problem to wrap any splitted logic under single event listener method. Like this:

      public void onTabDiscloseSub1(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {
      public void onTabDiscloseSub2(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {
      public void onTabDisclose(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {

      Kind Regards,

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