ADF Desktop Integration (ADFdi)

How to configure ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) worksheet to load data automatically on opening?

Assuming that you already have ADFDI excel workbook ready to download data and do it via explicit click of download action (like we did in the post – How to create ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) Excel workbook). And now you want to download table data automatically on workbook opening. Here are the steps to be accomplished:

  • Open Worksheet Properties
  • Go to inside of Events
  • Click Add. Startup event will appear in the list
  • In the right tab expand Action Set and go into Actions
  • Click Add and select ADFmAction. In the right tab go into ActionId and select Execute (It might be a different name for this binding in your case. This one is an execute action for EmployeesView1iterator of my demo application)

  • Next we need to add download action. Again click on Add in Edit actions window and this time select ComponentAction.
  • In the right tab select Download as an action

  • Next and final step – add DownSync action. To have it in place, click Add and select WorksheetMethod. Desired action will appear automatically, no detailing necessary

  • Confirm in all windows and test workbook. Data should be downloaded automatically on worksheet opening.

Demo application can be downloaded here.

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