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How to insert new record in table component of ADF Desktop integration (ADFDI) Excel workbook ?

In previous post I’ve provided some guidance how to use update operation in ADFDI table component. Here I’m going to show how to insert data. Assuming that you’re already familiar with update from post – How to update a record in ADF Desktop Integration (ADFDI) Excel workbook table component?. I’ll just further extend demo application developed in preceding post. So, to support insert we additionally need:

  • Add CreateInsert action binding to page definition file

  • Configure ADFDI table component to support insert. In properties of table component, make sure following settings are adjusted:
    • RowActions -> InsertRowEnabled – set to true
    • RowActions -> InsertBeforeRowActionId choose action binding for CreateInsert
    • BatchOptions -> CommitBatchActionId – choose action binding for Commit

  • Testing
    • Run workbook
    • Insert new row using excel means (i.e. Right mouse click -> Insert Row) within table are

Row status Invalid is displayed initially, mandatory cells are marked in red and some relevant error messages can be displayed.

  • Fill necessary data and click upload. Message Row inserted successfully should be displayed

Thats it. New record is in database!

Sample application can be downloaded here.

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For more information, you can check Oracle documentation – Working with ADF Desktop Integration Table-Type Components.

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